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The connection between our Midlands Cyber cluster and Maryland has only grown stronger since 2015. The collaboration between these two regions offers a wealth of growth opportunities for businesses internationally.

For businesses looking to expand into the US market, the Maryland connection provides an attractive soft landing package. This includes access to office space, networking opportunities, and support from local industry experts. These resources can help businesses to establish a presence in Maryland and get started on the path to growth and success.

In addition to the soft landing package, the collaboration between our cyber clusters also offers a range of other benefits. This includes access to a pool of local talent, training and development opportunities, and access to new markets and customers. By leveraging these resources, businesses can enhance their competitiveness and take advantage of new growth opportunities.

Overall, the connection between our Midlands Cyber cluster and Maryland is a valuable asset for businesses looking to expand their reach and capitalise on new opportunities. Whether you are a startup or an established business, our collaboration can help you achieve your objectives and succeed in the global cyber tech marketplace.

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See the benefits of the Maryland market below:

  Internationally Connected

Positioned on the centre of the East Coast, near to the capital, and within one of the US’s busiest commercial corridors, Maryland is perfectly positioned for International Trade.

  Talent Pool

Maryland is one of the most highly educated US states – just under 40% of Maryland’s population have achieved a bachelors degree or higher.

  Business Incentives

The Maryland Department of Commerce offer numerous tax credits, development incentives and investment programs - fostering a ecosystem in which all businesses can thrive.

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