08 Feb 2018

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Israel has become something of a cybersecurity powerhouse, leading the way in an $82 billion industry.

Israel has become something of a cybersecurity powerhouse, leading the way in an $82 billion industry. It is identified as the sector giving Israel a global competitive advantage, based upon leading-edge research and unique practical applications experience. 

The Midlands Cyber team visited Cyber Tech Israel, in Tel Aviv to raise awareness about the region as the UK’s leading location for cyber expertise. The team met with several companies seeking the UK as a future market place for collaboration in sales and research.

The visit gave a great insight into the opportunity landscape for future projects for the region and what Israel can offer the Midlands in return. Israel is a hub of innovation, acceleration and the home to several incubators and R&D centres, populated with a plethora of future talent.

Another key component to Israel’s rapid growth in the cyber space stems from the Government, National Service being compulsory from the age of 18. The military background and training serves to create both an accelerator and incubator environment for many start-ups.

One innovation centre: Cyberspark, based in Beer-Sheva is a joint venture of the Israeli National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office, Beer-Sheva Municipality, Ben Gurion University and several leading companies in the industry. They are part of a wider organisation called Global Epic, a worldwide based initiative to enable the future securely through the development and sharing of new knowledge in the field of cyber security – leading to societal, economic and technological impact in a timely fashion. It will do this by building a global community of innovation ecosystems who will collaborate on projects and share expertise through an expanding network of diverse organisations. 

Midlands Cyber network will look at exhibiting next year. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the market, feel free to get in touch.


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Being part of Midlands Cyber has given us valuable connections within the Cyber community both in the UK and US, giving us valuable knowledge and connections to applications that we have utilised within our range of software products and services to our clients. It has also given us a platform to promote our business to the global stage.

Jennifer Long IceBlue

“Midlands Cyber is an ideal platform to collaborate with like-minded industry peers, share knowledge and raise awareness of our expertise within a network of regional businesses.”


“Our location in the Midlands gives us reach to most of the UK in 2-3 hours by road/rail. This has allowed our business to remain and expand in one location, without having to establish satellite offices. The location also gives us easy access to Birmingham and Heathrow airports, which allows us to travel internationally to many global destinations.”


“The Midlands is an important region for the majority of our target customer verticals that are relevant for us including Connected & Automated Vehicles, connected transport, Industry 4.0”   


“Midlands Cyber has provided support to Data Solver as a start-up company; increasing our visibility and helping us to promote the solutions we offer. With the backing of Midlands Cyber, we will have the opportunity to network with other local exhibitors, whilst also making contact with potential new customers and partners visiting the team within the Midlands Cyber Engine Pavilion.” 

Data Solver

“Being part of Midlands Cyber is extremely advantageous. As a region the Midlands is ideally placed to become the main centre of excellence for UK businesses and Academia within the Cyber space.”