16 May 2018

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Borwell have been great supporters of Midlands Cyber since the very beginning, so we are very pleased to have them join us again at Info Security Europe 2018.

Borwell have been great supporters of Midlands Cyber since the very beginning, so we are very pleased to have them join us again at Info Security Europe 2018.

As secure software experts, all  of borwell’s customer applications are secure by design.  Specialist areas are big data, visualisation, systems integration, digital supply chain collaboration, and cyber securityservices.  The team has a pedigree from working for UK MoD, UK Government and NATO.  Business customers are typically from sectors including Space, Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing, and Transport & Logistics, Agritech and Healthcare. With borwell’s help, these Customers are able to systemise, integrate and assure their operations and supply chains.

Visualisation is one of their specialist areas.  The team are able to build highly visual user interfaces, displaying data in innovative views in 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D (Visual Analytics).  The Visualisation team moves customers from spread sheets and clunky database applications to highly responsive and intuitive-to-use applications.  These allow decision makers to connect to the data, visualise it, and make informed decisions – quickly and accurately.

Agile teams work rapidly and efficiently for a specific customer, delivering new software in successive sprints.  Regular Customer feedback, sometimes daily, ensures that the delivered solution exceeds the Customer’s requirements and expectations.  Their investment in skilled staff and automated testing ensures the quality and reliability is excellent.  Their target is to spend less than 5% of our time fixing bugs.  Currently this is less than 1% and has remained so for many months.

For further information on the Midlands Engine’s cyber sector visit the Midlands Engine Cyber stand on S150 or visit the website www.midlandscyber.com

Businesses can also stay up to date with the Midlands Cyber by following @MidlandsCyber on Twitter using #MidlandsCyber


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Being part of Midlands Cyber has given us valuable connections within the Cyber community both in the UK and US, giving us valuable knowledge and connections to applications that we have utilised within our range of software products and services to our clients. It has also given us a platform to promote our business to the global stage.

Jennifer Long IceBlue

“Midlands Cyber is an ideal platform to collaborate with like-minded industry peers, share knowledge and raise awareness of our expertise within a network of regional businesses.”


“Our location in the Midlands gives us reach to most of the UK in 2-3 hours by road/rail. This has allowed our business to remain and expand in one location, without having to establish satellite offices. The location also gives us easy access to Birmingham and Heathrow airports, which allows us to travel internationally to many global destinations.”


“The Midlands is an important region for the majority of our target customer verticals that are relevant for us including Connected & Automated Vehicles, connected transport, Industry 4.0”   


“Midlands Cyber has provided support to Data Solver as a start-up company; increasing our visibility and helping us to promote the solutions we offer. With the backing of Midlands Cyber, we will have the opportunity to network with other local exhibitors, whilst also making contact with potential new customers and partners visiting the team within the Midlands Cyber Engine Pavilion.” 

Data Solver

“Being part of Midlands Cyber is extremely advantageous. As a region the Midlands is ideally placed to become the main centre of excellence for UK businesses and Academia within the Cyber space.”